Here is a brand new song that I wrote for a pre-k class last week. We first read a story (a beautiful book called “Toy Boat” by Loren Long and Randall de Seve), and then we learned the song. We will be doing it again next week with our little desk bells and rainbow xylophones, so that the students can begin to play along when they hear the patterns and see the corresponding colors in the lyric video. We will also be decorating small paper squares and making origami boats. I find origami a great way to develop fine motor skills in children (and adults:).

I hope to do a live-streamed workshop in October for parents and teachers who’d like to learn a simple accompaniment for the song on the piano! Follow our singplaystudios YouTube channel and @singplaystudios instagram if you’re interested in joining in:) We’ve also just started posting new kids’ songs @songs4children

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