Welcome to SingPlayStudios!! My name is Sarah Bonsignore and I’m a South African born American pianist, singer, songwriter, producer, teacher, wife, mother, and dreamer! (Just like you, I wear a lot of hats, but that’s okay because I happen to love hats). 

Thank you for taking that first small step towards becoming a better musician, artist, listener, songwriter, and music lover. Take a breath and don’t overthink this. The music is already in you, and it’s time to lean in and find little joy in music and the arts!

I hope to provide you with TONS of free mini lessons, workshops, exercises, singalongs, and posts to help you along in your creative journey. And for the more serious student, I will soon be offering courses in piano, voice, songwriting and ear training.

For those who would like to get started on weekly piano lessons for beginner and intermediate levels, vocal warmups, and learning about piano chords, playing simple songs, music theory, and enjoying even more live streamed house concerts, as well as interviews with local Nashville talent in the fall, please consider subscribing for $5 a month. I hope to start bringing these lesson programs to you by mid-August!! We just bought a house and I’ll keep you posted on all that too in the premium content section!